The Kaizen Marketing System is built on the foundation of 6 key, virtually infallible marketing and business growth secrets:

Secret #1 – You Must Make Small Improvements
In Multiple Areas Of Your Business!

The secret is all about incremental increases in multiple areas of your business...specifically the 15 areas identified in the manual. To double your profits in 180 days or less, each business building strategy needs to increase revenue by a mere 6.6%.

Do this and you’ve increased your profits by 100%.

  • For every $100,000.00 profit, you add an additional $100,000.00
  • Over 5 years this equates to $500,000.00 extra profit

And if you sell your business for five times earnings, this adds another $500,000.00 to the sale price!

That’s an additional one million dollars in profits in your pocket!

It’s all about incremental change. If you have a systemized method for increasing each proven strategy by 6.6%...and continuously work on improving them, 6.6% from each strategy doesn’t seem like a difficult task.

It’s a very simple model, but the results you can obtain with this can be extraordinary.

Secret #2– You Must Calculate And Ethically Exploit The Lifetime Value Of Your Average
Customer, Client, or Patient!

In a nutshell the lifetime value is the average spend, multiplied by the number of repurchases per year, multiplied by the number of years they remain your client or customer.

For example...

Let’s say you own a restaurant and an average regular customer spends $35 each time they visit you, of which $25 is real profit. Let’s say they return 12 times per year and stay with you for 2 years... on average. This means your regular customer is worth $25 x 12 x 2 = $600 in profit to your business.

You can use this method in any business – hairdressers, real estate, chiropractic, car sales, computers, plumbers... it applies for any business.

When you know the lifetime value of your average customer, you know how much you can afford to spend to acquire new customers!

Here’s another example: hairdressers. To get more new customers, most salons place ads in magazines, print up glossy brochures and offer weak discount specials like 10 or 20% off. Often the results are poorer than poor.

Is there a better way? You bet.

A great example is Stefan Ackerie of Stefan’s Hair Salon fame. He owned a chain of hair salons across Australia some years ago - and became internationally famous for them.

Stefan was a smart cookie. He knew the average client spent $25 each visit, of which, $17 was real profit. Client’s returned 10 times a year for 4 years, on average. Total profit: $17 x 10 x 4 = $680.

Knowing these figures do you think Stefan ran the same old tired promotions? Not a chance in hell!

He gave away FREE style cuts to anybody he could. You see, he also knew 50% of people who received a free style cut became regular customers. So for the initial investment of $8 in labor costs, he was able to make a profit of $680 over the next four years! And if he serviced these clients well, they in turn, told their friends.

Was Stefan successful? Did he become a multi-millionaire?


He understood the importance of lifetime value.

And in this System, you'll receive step-by-step methods to calculate YOUR customer's lifetime value, and use it to your advantage.

Secret #3 – You Must Deliver The Right Message!

Open the yellow pages to a section, any section. It doesn’t matter. Take a close look at the advertisements and tell me what you see.

I bet you see one big blur of "sameness".

Businesses extending the same sort of sales message, without offering anything unique to set them apart. That's what’s called a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - you've probably heard many experts mention it before.

When you set out to attract new leads and customers to your business, it’s imperative you have an answer to the following question:

“Why should I choose your business/product or service over and above your competition?”

So what truly sets you apart? What do you offer prospects that your competition does not? And please, don’t say a “better product or service”, or “we care more”. Everybody says that.

Let me give you an example of a great offer. Alexi designed it for sales consultants at a gym to say in presentations, or to be used in a direct mail letter.

“Mrs. Jones, along with these wonderful facilities and eating plan, your membership has other benefits as well. When you join, you receive, as free gifts:

  • A FREE iridology consultation to help isolate any toxins in your body you may not be currently aware of;
  • A FREE night at Pinnacle Health Retreat in The Blue Mountains when you book for 3 or more nights;
  • This discount voucher to receive a 51% discount on aromatherapy oils from Living Energies;
  • A $75 Naturopath consultation with a local physician – yours for FREE!
  • This discount voucher to receive a 48% discount on vitamins and supplements @ Joes Health Food;
  • A Free subscription to the Daily Health newsletter to keep you abreast of all the latest scientific innovations that can improve your health and well being;
  • A complementary personal training session with our professional instructors. You’ll have a tailored workout routine to help you achieve your goal of losing 7kg by summertime.
  • And finally, a written guarantee stating you’ll be entirely satisfied with our service and facilities. If we fail to live up to our promises you can receive a refund on the unused portion of your membership. No fuss, no hassles.

Mrs. Jones, all these additional benefits exceed a total value of $500. But you receive them for free when you become a member!”

Have you ever walked into a gym that offered anything remotely like this? I doubt it!

The secret to magnetically attracting new customers, clients or patients to your business is to extend a sales message which is unique... and an offer "they can’t refuse".

The amazing thing about this offer is that, all the extra bonuses were donated, or purchased at wholesale from businesses that shared the same customers who could benefit from the exposure!

Secret #4 – You Must Deliver The Right Message To
The Right Market!

If you were going to open a new hamburger restaurant, what is the single most important requirement for success?

Many people answer great tasting burgers, or fast service, or a secret sauce, or a highly visible location. The best answer is always... a hungry crowd!

To attract more customers to your business, you need to target a hungry crowd for your products or services.

To use another food metaphor, the difference between lettuce and rubbish is...timing! You must target the right group of people, at the right time also, at a time when they’re ready and able to buy.

It's amazing (and disappointing) that specialty businesses mass-mail the market with thousands of direct mail pieces, or place full-page advertisements in general circulation newspapers, when their target market may only be a small segment of the population.

There was once a guy that advertised his “delivery and carry-out only” pizza shop on a radio station that covered *ALL* of Sydney. Yet, his target market was only about 5 miles around his restaurant!

He spent $27,000.00 and couldn’t understand why he didn’t get much of a response.

What a waste.

He couldn’t afford to run broad-based advertisements like this... and neither can you.

It’s just too darn expensive nowadays. To attract scores of new customers you must target those ready and willing to buy... right now, from you. The System will help you achieve that.

Secret #5– You Must Deliver The Right Message To The Right Market, Using The Right Advertising Medium!

Listen up.

Even if you have the most persuasive sales message... targeted at a market, starving for your product or service... you will fail miserably if you’re not able to cost effectively communicate the message TO the market.

The medium you choose to communicate the message... whether it is direct mail, the web, magazines, yellow pages, trade publications or joint ventures... whatever it may be, is absolutely critical.

And there is no "right" or "wrong" medium. It’s all about effectively accessing your target market at a reasonable cost.

That’s partly why the guy with the pizza shop failed. He was not using an appropriate medium to communicate to his market. He wasted his money, and so will you if you get this wrong. Be careful.

So blending secrets #3, #4 and #5, to succeed you must:

  1. Deliver a "killer" sales message

  2. Target a market starving for your product or service

  3. Use a medium which cost effectively communicates this message to that market

To prosper you MUST have all three components.

Secret #6: If An Ad Won’t Work Once, It Won’t Work The Second Time, Third Time or Tenth Time Either!

The theory behind those running an UNsuccessful ad is that people need to see ads more than once before they'll respond.

And that's a fatal mistake! It's very dangerous to get caught up in.

You see, if an ad loses the first time, it's not going to miraculously bring in a surge of money the second or third time around. Big companies buy into this foolishness hook, line and sinker, running ads over and over and over, to build name recognition and image.

They might be able to afford it with their deep pockets. But you can't eat "recognition" and “image”. The bank won't allow you to do deposit "branding".

Instead, you need RESPONSE, not recognition.

So who gets response?

The answer: mail-order advertisers. The companies who sell their products and services right from their ads. They’re called direct response advertisers or direct marketers. You see, their advertisements have to make money... otherwise they starve!

Just like you... if you keep running advertisements that don’t attract a steady flow of good, new customers, you'll pay a dear price!

The solution is to run ads that automatically and hypnotically compel people to pick up the phone or walk in your doors!

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