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Because I want you to make the best choice for your business - and have no questions remaining - here's a list of the most common questions about The Kaizen Marketing System...

"How Will The Formula Be Applied In My Business?"

Well, it’s the same process for everybody. Just follow the step-by-step system as it's laid out. You can’t go wrong and it’s virtually impossible for you to become confused.

"How Much Will These Strategies Cost To Get Started?"
Good question. Some of the strategies cost virtually nothing, and others cost many thousands of dollars (for when your business gets bigger and you being your "roll out").

But don’t worry about that just yet!

In the initial stages, you’ll be building a strong and stable foundation by using little-known strategies that cost between $0-$100 to get started, so you can see immediate profit increases.

"How Long Will It Take To See Results?"
Some of the strategies, when properly implemented, will generate results immediately. You can start using them today and see results this week!

Others take a week to 10 days, and some take a few months. Within 180 days, you won't remember how it felt to not have enough business.

Within the first four weeks, you will KNOW that you have made a very smart decision.

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"My Business Is Different. Will The Kaizen Marketing System Work For Me?"
It doesn't matter if you sell acupuncture supplies, fine porcelain or second-hand books...The Kaizen Marketing System will work for you. That’s because the laws of business growth, marketing and human nature are always the same.
Strategy that works in one industry can often be duplicated across any number of industries...given the appropriate application. One of the biggest failings business owners make when seeking to grow profits is their automatic desire to get new customers immediately.

But that’s wrong!

There are steps you need to take before you can acquire new customers.

You see, The Kaizen Marketing System is built like a pyramid. There are 4 modules, called "Golden Veils"m and each Veil builds upon the previous one.

First we start with Internal Marketing. Irrespective of industry, product or service...if you seek to grow your profits, you are always better off FIRST looking at your internal operations. That is, how you upsell at the point of purchase, how you maximize the lifetime value of your clients, how you systemize the process of feedback from customers, how you integrate "WOW" service practices, etc.
Second we work on your Sales Message. This is all about creating what’s called a Unique Selling Position (USP). Other terms for USP are positioning and establishing the buying criteria.

Think about it: How can you acquire new customers before you have a message to communicate? You can’t! So here we create a sales message that’ll knock your customer’s socks off!
Third we seek to acquire new customers. Only when we have strengthened your internal practices...designed a kick-ass sales message...and...developed marketing systems to maintain performance, do we seek to get you new customers.
Finally, you have the option to cash out and sell your business. This is the last step because you will NOT fetch a substantial asking price until your business is running like a well-oiled machine.
Now these 4 steps are applicable to every single industry. There are NO exceptions. Within each of these'll be provided with many, many different examples. Alexi provides you with sample sales letters... advertisements...scripts. You name it, it’s there.
It’s a totally integrated system...which gives you incremental increases in multiple areas of your business. In fact, there are 17 identified specific growth areas. If each growth area increases revenue by just a few percent... you’ll double your profits!

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"Does This Work For Franchisees?"

Yes! This works equally well for franchisees. Many franchisers supply a lot of information on how to take care of the day to day operations, but little information on how to get to keep them returning over and over again... and how to persuade them to spend more each time they visit.

Most of the ads franchisers supply are not emotional, direct response-type advertising. Simply put, they don’t work very well.


Because often they serve to bolster "image" and not profits. The Kaizen Marketing System is different than anything you've seen before - especially in this area.

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"What Makes Your Marketing Strategies So Special?"
These are not the same old things others are doing. The Kaizen Marketing System gets people to call you and want to give you their money. Your prospects will be convinced that you are the best choice for them. They won't go to your competitors. The difference between The Kaizen Marketing System and anything else floating around out there, AND most of everything you've been told, is...THIS works.

And it's completely guaranteed.

Many other trainings give you great concepts and theories, but it's up to you to figure out which to jump on first.

Add this to anything else you're doing, and you now have a step-by-step, take-you-by-the-hand-and-double-your-profits system. This will literally show you what to do EACH day!

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"Can I Learn This From Books?"

It depends - how many years do you want to spend compiling the information AND putting it into a workable formula? That's where The Kaizen Marketing System really shines. It's a step-by-step system, easy to follow.

The truth of the matter is, you would not be able to design a system this powerful without years and years of actual real-world experience. To have the understanding of how and when to use an idea can really only be the result of experience. And that experience can be costly. Save yourself the headache and pain and invest in this manual. Profit from Alexi's screw-ups.

Remember, the fastest way to learn something is to model someone else who is successful. Gain your experience with this manual by your side and your life will be so much easier (unless of course you want to spend a few years learning everything on your own). :)

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"Will This Make Me Rich?"

Let me blunt about one thing first: There's no chance in hell of you succeeding if you don't take action. Please, save your money and do NOT invest in this manual if you're not ready to put The Kaizen Marketing System into action. Sure, you'll gain more knowledge by reading it, but what is knowledge without application? It's useless.

On the other hand, if you're sick and tired of thin profit margins and slaving away like a dog in your business for low profits... and...if you're willing to do something about it... well, The Kaizen Marketing System is for you! Diligently apply the system and you will be absolutely amazed at the results.

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"Is It REALLY Different?"

Listen up. I understand your skepticism. I've purchased loads of manuals... attended even more courses, and every one of them promised to be something unique and special.

99% of the time it was a load of B.S. However, The Kaizen Marketing System really is different. This is because it's a genuine step-by-step formula. It has a checklist of things you to do over the 180 days.

Each item is conveniently, and precisely, allocated within a certain timeframe.

What's more, each item builds upon the next. Like I said, it's step-by-step. Remember, I offer a unconditional DOUBLE money-back guarantee. If this doesn't work for you after a year, I insist you ask for a refund.

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"Who Would Benefit From This Program?"

Small to medium business owners in ANY industry. It doesn't matter if you sell chemical solvents or stuffed toys. Everybody can benefit - the principles and methods are universal.

In addition, it's a great tool for anybody looking to start a business. Think of it as a fast track to success!

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"Do You Offer Any Guarantee?"
Yes! There's a one-year DOUBLE satisfaction guarantee, so the burden to deliver is entire on my shoulders, not yours. Which means, you simply have to say "maybe" right now - there's ZERO RISK for trying this out in your business!

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